frank body’s Go Natural Challenge – Week #1

“I’m making a change.”

How many times have you said that sentence and forgot about it the next day? Come on, be honest. If you haven’t, then you’re perfect and I hate you. (Jokes.) With the new month just a few days away, I’m saying that sentence one more time.

“I’m making a change.”

But this time I’m taking baby steps and working with Australian skin care brand, frank body, to keep me accountable! frank body is challenging me (and all of you) to make a change in the month of August. That challenge is to make sure everything that goes in your body and on top is as natural as can be. Their wellness challenge is split up into easy three parts over 31 days – the Bathroom Overhaul, the Kitchen Overhaul, and the Mind & Body Overhaul. You can learn more about what these three overhauls mean in more detail on their website here. (Plus, there’s a discount code that you might find very handy!)

When frank reached out to me about participating in this challenge, I couldn’t say no. What better way to make a lifestyle change than being put to the test? I also thought this was the perfect opportunity to try out certain health “fads” I’ve seen on Pinterest and the rest of the internet. So, here we go!

Bathroom Overhaul- Going Paraben-Free

Being a bit of a beauty enthusiast, this was a fun one to plan! Brands have seemed to be jumping on the “paraben-free” bandwagon recently but I never really took that into consideration when choosing products. It was just an extra label on the bottle, until recently. I did a little research to learn more about what paraben-free really means and why it’s considered the more healthy route in makeup. Here’s what I found in a nutshell:

  • Parabens are preservatives used to extend the shelf-life of products.
  • Parabens have been loosely linked to breast cancer because they have the tendency to behave like estrogen.

Basically, nothing has been confirmed about the direct linkage between parabens and breast cancer. But, like any preservative, it seems best to err on the cautious side and go paraben-free! So that’s what I’m doing this week. Along with using only paraben-free makeup and skincare, I have decided to use as little makeup as possible. I took a trip to Ulta earlier this week and picked out a few staple products. Here’s what I got:

Surprisingly, I already had a few items in my collection that were paraben-free like the Kat Von D Lock-It setting powder and the Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette. 

For skincare, I’m limiting it to 3 simple items – coconut oil, frank body’s Original Coffee Scrub*, and Body Balm*. They so kindly sent me the Introduction Kit to test out and I am hooked. Not to toot my own horn, but I have never smelt so amazing in my entire life. I’m like a walking latte, and you all know how much I love lattes. If you’re interested in trying it out yourself, frank body just launched in stores at Ulta! They have so many amazing natural and cruelty-free products. I highly recommend their line!


So there it is, this week’s challenge. I’m very excited to share with you guys my thoughts after completing it. Stay tuned for a follow up in a few weeks! I am the last one that should be preaching a healthy and natural lifestyle because we all know how much I enjoy my full-face of makeup and McDonald’s fries. But people can change, right?

Let me know if you’ve tried going paraben-free and how you liked it! Until next time, xoxo.


*Disclaimer: I was sent some of these products as a courtesy from the brand. This post is in collaboration with frank body. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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