frank body Go Natural Challenge – Week #3

Let’s be real, we all preach self-love and #treatingyourself, but do we ever really take the time to do that? I’m not talking about whipping out the credit card and going for the nearest sale. (We all do that like it’s our job). I’m talking about those nights we spend just for ourselves – painting our nails (and actually pushing back the cuticles), soaking in a bath while reading that guilty pleasure, even just turning in at 9:00 PM.

I’m like anybody else, I love a busy schedule. Down time stresses me out because I feel like I could be doing something much more productive instead. Then, I feel the burn out. The constant go-go-go is draining! That’s what this week of frank Body’s Go Natural Challenge is all about. We’ve detoxed our kitchen and our bathroom, it’s now our brain’s turn!

With a busy schedule, I do have to pencil in time to pamper myself, and as unorthodox that is, it works for me! Some of the things I have planned for myself:

  1. A scrub featuring frank Body’s all-natural Cacao coffee scrub. Chocolate in it’s purest form (aka cacao) has a high antioxidant level. It fights aging, dryness, and fine lines! See, chocolate really is good for you!
  2. An at-home manicure. This isn’t just filing down my nails and painting them. I’m talking about starting with a scrub to exfoliate the skin. Then a soak in some warm lemon water to soften the cuticles and whiten the nails. Finally, moisturizing with some coconut oil!
  3. A moisturizing hair mask! Coconut oil plays another role here. I warm up about 1/4 of a cup of the oil in the microwave so it melts and then I apply it all over my hair – from root to end. Let it soak for 2 hours or more and then RINSE! This does wonders to my hair and gives me an excuse to massage the scalp. Massaging the scalp leads to better blood circulation and strengthens the roots.
  4. Finally, I’m finally going to implement the 30 minutes of reading before bed that I’ve been planning to do since high school. Those makeup YouTube videos I normally watch are entertaining but they stimulate the mind too much causing a more restless sleep. I can live without learning about what’s new at Sephora for one week.

Alright, there it is! Keep an eye out for my Instagram stories throughout the week to see these little pampering routines in action. Until next time, xoxo.

*Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with frank body. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 


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