frank body Go Natural Challenge – Week #2

Here we are, one week down of the frank body Go Natural challenge! And what a week it has been. Life does this funny thing where it thinks it’s a great idea to throw everything in my face at once. (Yeah I’m blaming life and not admitting to the fact that I am awful at telling people no).


I’ve been busy as ever catching up with friends, preparing for my move back to Seattle, and so many other random commitments. I have never been so happy that I switched to paraben-free makeup for this past week. Relying on light, natural skincare and foundation instead of my normal full-coverage stuff probably saved my skin from the inevitable breakout that comes with stress. I’m so thrilled by it that I decided to keep this regimen up for the rest of the month! That’s another month of using only my BB cream, frank body coffee scrubs and body balms. Speaking of, frank body JUST launched at Ulta. You can walk up to the store and smell the deliciousness I’ve been raving about yourself, which is exciting because up until now they’ve exclusively been an online store!

Week Two means changing another lifestyle habit. This time I chose to detox myself with the help of infused waters. They’re all over Pinterest:

Weight Loss Water Recipes” 

“This Fat-Burning Drink Will Give You Visible Results in 4 Days”

*cue the eye rolling*

If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s sensationalized BS. But, there has to be a reason why infused water is talked about all over the internet and why they’re sitting on every “all-natural” spa’s counter. So after some digging around, here’s what I found:

  • Infused water is full of natural flavor
  • You receive the nutrients of the fruit (aka Vitamin C)
  • The natural compounds of fruit keep your body’s pH levels balanced
  • It’s more filling than regular water
  • Citrus-filled water does wonders for your digestive system
  • It helps rid your body of toxins
  • It hydrates you, which is always a plus for skin, joints, and your organs

And that is what got me interested in making the change. I’m aware I’m not going to “see the results after 4 days” or I’m not going to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks. But the benefits listed above are enough for me to give it a shot! Worst case, I’ll be better at drinking water. So for the next 7 days I’m going to be replacing my second cup of coffee, mid-afternoon soda, and the evening beer (maybe 3 out of 7 of the days for this one) with infused water.

Making them is the best part. It is as easy as dropping the fruits and herbs in a pitcher, muddling them a little to release the juices, and then adding water! These batches can last up to 3 days and then the fruit tends to get too bitter to drink. Some of my favorite combinations are:

  • Lemon and mint
  • Oranges, blueberries, and mint
  • Strawberries, oranges, blueberries, and mint

Clearly mint is a common theme! I’m excited to see how making this little lifestyle change helps. Until next time, xoxo.

*Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with frank body. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 



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