4 Tips on Caring for Curly Hair

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If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent countless hours, dollars, and tears trying to manage your curly hair texture. I’ve always been a bit envious of the girls that could wake up, run a brush through their hair, and walk out the door while I feel the need to sit with my hair straightener for about half an hour every morning. A lot of my coworkers don’t even know I have curly hair because of the routine I stick to. For my friends and family that do get to see my natural hair in the wild, they’re always pushing me to embrace it and rock the curls. 

Although, I haven’t fully embraced the curls, kinks, and volume of my hair, the time (and money) investment I’ve made in styling and testing out every product under the sun, has taught me how to properly care for my curls. I’ve learnt ways not to completely ruin my hair in the process to fully loving my natural texture. 

1. Avoid sulfates. Choose a moisturizing shampoo.

This seems like a, duh tip. But it really isn’t. Curly hair is naturally much drier than any other texture. The oils from your scalp don’t make its way down as easily which, in return, means the scalp retains oils and your roots get oily. It’s a battle in itself. 

On top of that, it’s more susceptible to traditional shampoos and conditioners. The biggest tip I can give you is, to avoid sulfates. Honestly, everybody should avoid these because they’re essentially one of the harshest detergents, but especially us curly-hair gals. We can’t risk drying out the hair even more than it already is!

My recent favorite routine comes from the Biotera Natural Origin’s Collection, specifically the Biotera Natural Origin Nurture Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner. This system uses coconut oil and honey to nourish your hair while also cleansing it. You can find it easily at any Sally Beauty store!

You also need to be careful about only washing your hair once or twice a week! DO NOT WASH MORE THAN THAT. And I feel like this goes for everyone. Your hair can’t handle that much washing. It is just going to dry your hair out so much more. You want to retain as much moisture as you can without weighing down the curls.

That leads me into tip #2.

2. Choose the right styling products

There are so many on the market to choose from. There are cremes, gels, mousses, serums, oils, plus so much more. While all these sound appealing, and trust me I’ve tried everything, you need to be careful about not loading your hair with product. 

You may ask, ” but why, Akanksha? Don’t you want to moisturize your hair?” Yes, but not so much that you can’t wash the product out in one wash. If there’s any left over, your hair will start feeling grimy, which no one likes. 

The Biotera Renew Leave-In Silky Milk is the one in my arsenal! Also available at Sally Beauty, it does wonders to moisturize, de-frizz, and detangle my curly hair. I’ve seen a huge difference in how soft my hair is after using this post-shower. Just spritz your hair with some of this after washing, comb it through, and you’re done! 

Sometimes I add a little bit of Argan oil to the ends because they’re my problem spot, but besides that, I let it be! 


Please, if you love your hair, do not run a brush through your beautiful dry hair. That makes me cringe even thinking about it. Pulling at the knots that inevitably appear in curly hair, can be one of the worst things for the strength of it. Brushing it can yank the curl to break from the root, at the ends, probably both. And no one loves split-ends. 

I use a wide-tooth comb I found at my local drugstore and have been loving it. After spritzing the Silky Milk through my hair and applying some oil to the ends, I comb through (while my hair is wet) and get any tangles out that way. If I need to detangle while my hair is dry, I only use my fingers! 

4. Try to avoid using heat at least once a week.

This was a hard one for me to start implementing in my hair routine. I mean, my straightener became my best friend. I loved styling it with a hot tool and getting that flawless look. But I had to find a way to let my hair rest at least once a week. 

Unfortunately, I’m not in a place to rock the curls down, but I did find a hairstyle that I do feel confident in! I tie my hair up in a low bun, near the nape of my neck, with some stands framing my face. It’s sophisticated, polished, and a great time to show off the hoops or larger earrings I have in my collection! 

There you have it friends, 4 tips I’ve used to take care of my hair. It’s made a huge difference in the texture of my curls, especially since I apply so much heat to them. Of course, these are things that work for me and your hair may be completely different! I’d love to hear some tips you may have for managing curly hair! Leave them in the comments. 

Until next time! 🙂 


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