4 Goals and Resolutions for 2018

You’ve heard everyone say it – 2017 just FLEW by. Let’s just say it’s one that I’m not too upset to say goodbye to. There were a lot of challenges thrown at me and I may not have overcome everything (yet) but I’m well on my way.

I’ve never been someone to set resolutions at the beginning of the year. I mean I definitely did the whole “new-year-new-me let’s go to the gym, eat healthy, and be better people” shin-dig but I never sat down and really reflected on things I wanted to improve on. But, hey, so many things have changed this year maybe this is a habit that should, too!

1. Say yes

This is a big one. I tend to be a homebody. Don’t get me wrong – I love going on adventures and exploring my city, but I love doing it alone. I like going at my own pace, doing things in my own comfort zone. Which has worked out in it’s own way but I’ve also missed out on some incredible opportunities, too. A┬ácouple months ago I spontaneously said yes to the Petit Biscuit concert at The Neptune and it was hands-down one of my favorite memories of 2017. That’s when I decided, I’d stop overthinking every little thing. So what if I won’t know everybody at an event? So what if I have to leave the apartment in an hour with a packed bag? That’s all part of the adventure. Saying yes has allowed me to spend multiple weekends in Leavenworth, meet up with other creatives around Seattle, attend a local blogger’s clothing launch, and so many other amazing experiences.

2. Focus on me

Yes, everyone has this on their list of resolutions but probably because it is so incredibly important! For someone that cares too much about what other people think, this is a hard one for me. Being an adult recently out of college, just starting my career, trying to maintain relationships with people that may only have worked in school, and making ends meet to pay the bills – it gets very overwhelming. Being someone that wants to make sure everyone around her is happy all the time, time for myself hit the back burner and I felt the consequences of that towards the end of the year. In this next one, I want to take mental health days more seriously. I want to focus on relationships that will build me up and I want to make decisions based on if it’s something I want to do. Selfish or not – I think it’s time for me to take me seriously.

3. Choose fair trade and ethical brands

As an avid shopper, I should have been doing this a long time ago. I recently watched The True Cost, a documentary on the effects of fast fashion, and it was eye opening. It shone a light on the tradeoffs brands make to sell their clothing for such a cheap price. As someone that’s just starting off, it’s easy to gravitate towards brands that are on the cheaper end of the spectrum. But is it really worth supporting unethical practices? I don’t think so. This website has been super helpful in helping me determine socially conscious brands to support.

4. Blog more

This last one is absolutely achievable. I launched Rugged Denim several years ago. I did a redesign about 6 months ago (thank you, Pipdig) but I only have a handful of posts to show for it. Content creating is something I am very passionate about. I spent the last year focusing on Instagram content and it has opened so many doors for me – from collaborations with some amazing brands to connecting with other individuals with the same passion. It’s time I take it one step forward and take this website more seriously!

I’m sure these goals/resolutions will adapt over the next few months but it feels so great having a clear mindset about what I want 2018 to be about. No more milling around. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I’m getting closer and closer to 25 (yikes) but I’m ready to make some steep improvements and finally be happy with every aspect of my life.

Until next time! xoxo


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